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Honoring Harvey Milk

Honoring Harvey Milk

"Burst down those closets doors once and for all, and stand up and start to fight."

Those are the words of Harvey Milk, a man who lived and breathed LGBT rights and equality. Milk was a pioneer.  To read further, go to Honoring Harvey Milk.


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Cyber Monday 2011: All the big deals right here!

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- I don't think Cyber Monday needs any introduction.

Whether or not you enjoyed my favorite shopping day of the year this past Friday, Cyber Monday is expected to be bigger and better today than in years past.

To sum it up quickly, through some talks with distributors and folks behind the deals, Black Friday profit and store traffic was so incredible for most stores that some big deals are expecting to pop today thanks to that shopping energy.

Since Cyber Monday sales are not static like Black Friday (a.k.a. set in stone weeks before by stock lists), the question I most commonly receive on Cyber Monday is "where do I go for the best Cyber Monday deals."

Today, every deal you need in three easy steps:

Hero Central: West Seneca Cares for Kids

Winchester Elementary students and staff are proving that there is truth to the adage "a penny saved is a penny earned." The school is again collecting coins to help purchase new winter clothing for West Seneca children in need.

The school's 16th annual penny drive for the West Seneca Cares for Kids fund was on Tuesday, Nov. 22, when the coins were weighed and counted in a school-wide assembly. 

Formerly known as Warm the Children, West Seneca Cares for Kids is a new, local version of the once national program that is now run jointly through several community service organizations. Donations will all be used to buy winter clothing for needy families.

Last year, the school collected $1,018.57 worth of pennies (more than 500 pounds worth) for the cause.

Since the program's inception, Winchester has collected more than $13,000 worth of pennies.

Top Black Friday 2011 Deals Online Today

BUFFALO, NY -- Black Friday doesn't have to be a hassle. Today we're saving you time and money. Below is a round-up of the top deals already online that run through Black Friday.

Each link below already has the coupon built-in, so all you need to do is click, enter the coupon code (if applicable) and enjoy. These prices are "Black Friday safe" but please keep in mind there are bigger deals right around the corner. We'll have those Thursday and Friday.

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Black Friday Store Maps: Where The Deals Are

One of the major keys to a successful in-store Black Friday experience is knowing where the retailer's putting the deals, and how that store is laid out.

Click on any store name below and you'll find the only hand-drawn deal maps in the country (exclusive to our network of stations). I only mapped out the 8 stores below since the lay-outs are similar from one location to the next. Some store sections will differ slightly, others may be the mirror image of a map. Knowing a store's layout could easily put a deal in your hands first.

Happy Shopping!

- Matt (@MattGranite on Twitter)

Click on any store name below to download the map.

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The Eights Bistro: Helping Locals Go Veggie

The Eights Bistro: Helping Locals Go Veggie

Back in July of 2009, Alli and myself actually ordered a pizza in this exact location.  However, at the time it was Campieri’s and the menu was mainly focused on artisanal or “fancy” pizzas.  We enjoyed the meal but not the service and unfortunately never made a return visit before the ultimately closed their doors; then in the fall/winter of 2010 The Eights came to be.

The location itself hasn’t changed too much, at least from what I can remember, and I noticed a lot of art work on the walls (all of which is for sale).  I forgot how nice this building was, with their exposed brick and a nice long wooden bar, right now I am wondering why I don’t walk down there for a beer/snack more often.

What are 1st Graders Thankful For?

When St. Vincent de Paul holds its annual Thanksgiving lunch, the entire school gets involved. Kevin O'Neill stopped by the busy school in the Springbrook area of Elma.  He interviewed first graders about their favorite foods, and about what they are thankful for.  The results are priceless!